Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Make your Christmas everyday

Yes, Christmas is always a general rush but I couldn’t forget to send you my greetings.
Have you noticed this strange atmosphere we feel and we feverishly wait for every year? We are like under a spell, illuminated by coloured tiny lights and lots of all of us feel suddenly kinder and more generous.
My wish or advice, if you think so, is to make your Christmas every day. 
No matter the season: be cheerful and passionate, help whom is in trouble and have always a smile for people around you. I think that little things make people happy and small gestures of sincere humanity make each of us a better person.

If each day was Christmas, the world would be a good place to live. It all depends on us.


ayala triangle Christmas lights 2011 made by Roslyn in Starfish Island


  1. very nice...many wishes for a Happy New Year

  2. grazie per essere passata a trovarmi e per gli auguri
    buone feste!!! rosa di kreattiva


  3. ciao! scusami se passo solo adesso ma non mi ero accorta...dicembre รจ sempre un mese di delirio! mi sono appena iscritta e ti seguo volentieri! ciaooo ^_^


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