Sunday, 23 December 2012

Last minute Christmas gifts

Have you already bought all your Christmas gifts?
It’s not long now to Christmas Eve, but you still have time to buy last-minute gifts for your loved ones and friends. If you already know which book and which perfume may be appreciated, you are very lucky and your gift will meet with guaranteed success.
If you have no clue, here are some low cost ideas.

It is very cold outside, how about a warm hug? A colorful scarf or a soft snood are quite smart, fashionable and, above all, useful ideas. 

Mint-coloured snood, acrylic and wool from Promod (24,95 €)

Giving a bath set isn't always a great idea, it seems like it's saying "You really need a shower, pal!".
It can’t happen with Lush: its products are always fun, colourful and spectacular to use! Treat your him or your her with "Mr. Frosty" or "Mrs. Frosty", two smiling furoshiki containing three products between bath bombs and bubble bars.

Mr. Frosty and Mrs. Frosty, available at Lush

The breakfast mug isn’t only an object but our morning friend.
You can find mugs in any colour and shape... if a mug makes you think about someone, buy it!

Mug examples
left My Cuppa Mugs from Firebox (12,29 €)
right Pantone mug from Wearunique  (13,50€)

It’s true: coffee is another breakfast companion for us, Italians.
This one isn't an ordinary mocha machine: it is very detailed, with a matte finish and note decorations, it lets you know when the coffee is ready with a ringing melody!

Bialetti Dama Sound mocha machine

For you or your best friend: a set of four nail polishes and top coat with glitter in a gift box in limited edition. Available at any Sephora stores (27,50 €).


I bet everyone has a (male or female) friend/ (young or old) relative who loves to play. Make him/her happy with a new instrument like this little harmonica in C, with key chain. Your friend will be able to carry it everywhere and play it wherever he/she likes!

source: (12€)

A plush is a typical gift idea for your little ones and can be perfect for our furry friends too.
My cats love these mini mice plushes. If you visit an Ikea center, you can find them for just 1 euro!

Gosig Mus plushes from Ikea

The design pieces are my favorite items: colourful and original, seemingly simple but studied in detail.
A brilliant example are these timer Owls created by Pusher.
You can find them online and at any design/home decorations store.

Pusher Owl timers from Wearunique

Among the new accessories launched by United Colors of Benetton, its notebooks may attract the “last minute buyer” 's attention. They look like a modern version of the classic Moleskine, the legendary notebook loved by writers such as Hemingway.
They measure 11.7 x 17 cm and are available in 6 colours with elastic in contrast.

basic notebooks from United Colors of Benetton

It doesn’t matter the price of your gifts but the love you’ve put in your choice and, since estheatic is important, the way your presents are presented! Take a look at this tutorial to make adorable kirigami decorations; they are simple and will give an original touch to your gifts.

Happy holidays,
Valentina Chirico aka Valens


  1. all gifts are very nice ^ _ ^ Merry Christmas!

  2. Ciao Valens grazie per i tuoi commenti e quante cose interessanti sul tuo blog ti seguo volentieri ciao rosa di kreattiva


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