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Trends: Satchels

Probably you have seen them on the street, newspapers, blogs and fashion sites, satchels are everywhere.
They are cute and handy, the perfect type of bags for the season, plus they come in a huge array to fit your style.
From the classic and chic, British styled "The Cambridge Satchel Company" bags, to the Stella Rittwagen's fluos, passing through unique creations by emerging designers at Boticca, it's very easy to fall in love with one of those bags, but what would say your wallet?

Fluo satchels
source: google images (more sites show the same picture)

"The Cambridge Satchel Company"
The Rose 11'' satchel from "The Pastel" limited collection

As usual, here you have some options to help you stay on the trend while spending the right!
Here we go...
The first satchel comes from Ruche, house of pretty and vintage fashion goodness. 
Lovely with peach handle, it will look perfect for daytime or a romantic date.
It's already sold out, but I show it to give you a style idea.

Love Story - Shop Ruche
Out of stock

Can you believe, you can find these two bags in a "follies" shop?

Bold Stripe satchel - Fred Flare $ 28 

Natural Wonders satchel - Fred Flare $ 48 

Simple but with style:

Satchel bag by Soft Grey - La Redoute  € 52 (sale)

If simplicity isn't for you, you can add just a tiny flush of neon.
The result will be like this:

Neon-Pink Schoolboy satchel - Shoe Mint $ 79,98
the site works with monthly credit

For the rocker girls, some studs here and there:

Studs shoulder belt bag - Zara  € 59,95

Really cute, almost love at first sight. Simple design, relaxing colour and a nice print inside. 
If you like indie shops like me...

Turquoise Mini Box Satchel - Mozzypop £ 20

Let's go onto my personal choices!
They are both from Avon, I've bought them separately in various campaigns.
The first one is the Aleena body cross bag, a little satchel styled bag, in a orangey coral toned, faux leather pvc. This bag is not bad, the material is sturdy and not plasticky to the touch. The shade is very summery and isn't too little, it can easily contain your mobile, a wallet, handkerchiefs packet and some make-up for touch ups.
This has a handle and a long shoulder-strap. The strap is definitively its down side, it's extremely long, so long that you have to do a knot to wear it comfortably.

Aleena body cross bag

details: seams, materials

Details, as the rings and the opener are light gold metal. To open it you have to push down the round button. 
A very nice satchel indeed.
Full price is € 22,90, but at the moment it is on offer.
It measures 14,6 cm x 21,1 cm x 6,1 cm.
By the way, I'm very sorry for the state of my bag, I've messed with the metal and I don't know how I've done it!

The last one is the Taylor bag, a bottle green, pvc bag with two frontal pockets and smaller one for the mobile inside. The strap is perfect in lenght but the faux leather surface isn't as great as the previous satchel. 
The material is smooth to the touch but it's too thin and I'm afraid it's going to ruin itself soon. It looks too much like a simple plastic bag.

Taylor bag

details: seams, buckles, material

I like its style, it's simple yet classic and the dark colour will be stunning in autumn and winter.

Measures are 20 cm x 30 cm x 5,8 cm, belt: 57 cm.
I've bought for € 15 during the Italian campaign 6, while full price is € 26.
In my opinion, both prices are high for a plastic bag.
Do you like satchels and which style do you like most?



  1. Le trovo adorabili...soprattutto le prime!!!

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  2. Le alternative economiche non sono brutte esteticamente ma così ad occhio mi sembrano pochissimo resistenti :/ (la pastel collection delle CSC è uno dei miei sogni dell'estate ma ormai in casa ho solo cartelle, non ho voluto immaginare lo sguardo del fidanzato alla vista dell'ennesima new entry :D)

    1. Mi sa che il sesso maschile dovrà arrendersi: nulla può frenare una ragazza di fronte al suo prossimo acquisto! :D
      Grazie per la visita!


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