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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

How to: create the perfect Disney princess bridal look, a stylebook

For loads of romantic girls, grown up with Disney movies, the wedding day is still the most important one in their lives, when each bride to be is a princess with the most fabulous gown and an ethereal, glowing face while crossing the church aisle. 
A day to remember where and when everything must be perfect, but how to do that?
Click the picture and get inspired by my perfect Disney-inspired bridal lookbook with style, make-up, hair and manicure ideas easy to copy, ready to be stolen.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Monday, 15 August 2016

Sleeping trouble while in Italy? The new natural dietary supplement by Linea ACT with melatonin and valerian is the solution

Is sleeping a labour of Hercules for you? Mother Nature will help you to find a good rest thanks to melatonin. This molecule stimulates our hypothalamus so that to facilitate sleeping and regulate our sleep-wake rhythm mined by stress and a very frenetic lifestyle.
If you’re in Italy right now and you’ve getting trouble,you might use 
MELATONINA+ FORTE 5 COMPLEX e VALERIANA ACT®, the brand-new dietary supplement by Linea ACT.

Linea ACT, sonno, sleeping dietary supplement, melatonin, valerian, sleep
Linea ACT, MELATONINA+ FORTE 5 COMPLEX E VALERIANA ACT, dietary supplement, sleeping

Effective but gentle, with natural extracts of valerian, California poppy and griffonia; tryptophan, niacin and vitamin B1, this isn’t a drug and can be found in many Italian chemist’s shops, drugstores and online.
MELATONINA+ FORTE 5 COMPLEX E VALERIANA ACT® is a quick and convenient solution finding your lost rest.
For more information about Linea ACT and its rich “sonno” dietary supplements range, visit

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Avon Cosmetics Summer 2016 (part II): SHINE BURST hydrating lipsticks and lip glosses, new make-up and scents

The major European beauty launch is the brand new lipstick line called Shine Burst!
The name reveals what makes them special, indeed they are super shiny, starting from the metallic, mirror shine packaging, in 4 different colours coordinated with shade spectrum of these lip colours.
Shine Burst are summer lipsticks because they add just a pinch of colour and, and most of all, are shiny like lip glosses and hydrating like lip balms.
These 12 shades will make the majority fall in love with them, but the moisture and the extreme comfort will conquer the biggest part of us.
They glide effortlessly and their secret is a mix of coconut oil, papaya and pomegranate extracts.

Shine Burst lipsticks are in good company with Shine Burst lip glosses, with the same formula and more shine.

They are available in 6 shades and two finishes: glossy and sparkly. Illustrated in the photo: Tangerine Splash (glossy), Dragonfruit Splash (sparkly), Raspberry Splash (glossy) and Cherry Splash (sparkly).

Other interesting make-up new products are: the new Big Colour pencils, pearly eyeshadows in handy pencils in 4 natural and sophisticated shades (Lavender, Slate and Forest, illustrated, and Cream); the new MAGIC Effects NEON nail polish, in 4 shocking shades and shimmery finish and the new and improved Bright tart foundation, the gentler Avon face base. 
Its formula is creamy but light, contains no oils but vitamins and antioxidants.

Other launches regard the scent world with Soft Musk which got a makeover and now has a sister: Silky Soft Musk, graceful like Soft Musk but warmer with its vanilla touch; then Brazil Beat and its wild and warm exotic notes of dragon fruit, cyclamen and taek wood; Little Black Dress eau fraiche, an energetic twist of the classic Little Black Dress thanks to lemon oil, then Fusion Energy for him and her.
Energy Fusions are two fruity and floral eau de toilette: the feminine scent has notes of pink grapefruit, jasmine and rosewood, while the men's fragrance opens with fresh lemon and a touch of cardamom and warm vetiver.

There are also cool some accessories like Bena earrings, they are fun and special, but why? These animals will swing from your lobes!
Discover how with this video packed with love by y
our V.

Then it’s the time for Ideal Flawless CC Concealer Sticks in 3 shades to camouflage dark circles, redness and dull complexion and the new Avon Naturals escape body care products with exotic coconut milk, carob extract and vitamin C and E.

Last but not least: Avon Advance Techniques haircare is new, improved and sleeker. Thanks to a restyle, Avon’s pro haircare range is even more powerful and professional. Soon on the blog!
Stay beautiful and bright with Avon Cosmetics!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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