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Thursday, 20 July 2017

Viva La Diva - Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit, Tropical palette with swatches, review and a 70's mood outfit

Have you got an everyday eye palette, something you use every morning and evening? I’ve got it and it’s Viva La DivaMove Me Jungle” eyeshadow kit, but wait! 
It’s particular exactly like my personality and taste: a makeup palette inspired by and wrapped in natural colours and patterns.

Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit, Tropical palette with swatches, review and 70's mood outfit

Deep, earth colored browns, el dorado and luscious green… Move me jungle, I am your queen!
This is the statement of Viva La Diva, a make-up brand that’s famous in the Scandinavian region for its high impact products, very detailed packaging and unbeatable prices.
Every girl and woman is a diva in this company’s opinion.

Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit with swatches, review and 70's mood outfit
Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit, Tropical palette with swatches, review and 70's mood outfit by Valentina ChiricoValentina Chirico featuring Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit (Swatches, review and 70's mood outfit)

THE PRODUCT: packaging

Move Me Jungle” is an eye palette by Swedish company Viva La Diva consisting in 9 eyeshadows contained inside a tin magnetic coffret with plenty of a leaf-y, brightly coloured design. 
Its rectangular tin case is well refined, it has a magnetic closure and includes a mirror; every and each pan has its own name stamped along with Viva la Diva’s brand stamp and slogans. 
It’s a glam manifesto!

Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit: the packaging
Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit: packaging detail

Shades and finish:
This eye make-up has been inspired by luscious South American flora and wild nature, including... dirt, that’s pure love for archaeologists, right?
The Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit contains 9 shades with mixed finishes, indeed there are full mattes, metallics and pearly shades and even a foil
Each eyeshadow is named after a tropical country, from the Caribbean Sea to the Americas, and this is what attracted me: there’s a shade called “Venezuela” recalling my personal influences and it’s dear to me.

Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit: eyeshadows pans and names

Formula and texture:
Viva La Diva products are cruelty-free, formulations are delicate and some makeup items have a vegan formula, that’s the case of today’s palette, the Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit.
The eyeshadow texture is overall extra fine and impalpable with some little differences depending on the finish.
Indeed matte eyeshadows tend to be slightly powdery if compared with metallics and shimmeries.

The same happens with pigmentation as the mattes are less intense but, since they are natural shades, the colour payoff and result don’t suffer from this quality.

Here are the 9 eyeshadows featured in Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit, this is how I would describe them and my extra considerations:

- Brazil: a deep forest green with totally green and cold reflections, metallic close to a foil finish, medium but buildable pigmentation
- Venezuela: an antique rose/lilac with golden shine (direct light) and cold/silvery shimmer in indirect light, “liquid metal” finish, extremely high pigmentation, easy to apply, blend and spread, light texture
- Ecuador: a cold brown/khaki with iridescent shimmer (direct light), extremely high pigmentation, easy to blend and apply, slightly powdery texture
- Tahiti: a neutral/light warm beige, matte finish, low to medium pigmentation, powdery texture
- Hawaii: a peachy rose with silvery shimmer, looks very pinky in indirect light, pearly/light metallic finish, good pigmentation, slightly powdery texture
- Fiji: a neutral powder pink, matte finish, low to medium pigmentation, powdery texture
- Tobago: a deep brown/rusty shade with iridescent shimmer (indirect light) and golden/orangy shine in direct light, extremely high pigmentation, easy to blend and apply
- Barbados: a purple with a brown touch with silver iridescent and pink shimmer, medium to high pigmentation, slightly powdery texture
- Dominica: a reddish plum, matte finish, slightly powdery texture, medium but buildable pigmentation, easy to blend and apply

Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit, Tropical palette with swatches by Valentina Chirico
Upward: outdoor light - Bottom: indoor, no flash
Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit,with swatches by Valentina Chirico

All in all, the pigmentation has a medium to high level, where the less intense eyeshadows are the neutral mattes, followed by some metallic shades like Brazil.
I’ve expected a vibrant green from Brazil but it needs to be built little by little in order to get a great colour payoff.

Viva La Diva
eyeshadows featured in this Move Me Jungle palette are really long-lasting and don’t need a powerful primer as they stick well to the lid even with a simple cream or liquid concealer.
These eyeshadows are also versatile: Tahiti and Fiji are the perfect natural shade that can be used all over the lid up to the brow bone and blended to soften a smoky eye, fix or camouflage a smudge; Venezuela is an unexpected highlighter for eyes and face.
I used it to highlight the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow and brow bone for my Olympéa makeup look which is all about cold and strong highlights!Venezuela surprises me for its texture that’s feathery light and its formula that literally fuses with my skin.
My absolute favourite and most used shades are, along with Venezuela, Ecuador, Tobago and Dominica.

good selection of shades and mixed finishes
overall high pigmentation
versatile eyeshadows
creative package
large mirror
sturdy closure
delicate formula
cruelty-free and vegan 
competitive price

hard to find online (for worldwide customers)

Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit, Tropical palette with swatches, review and 70's mood outfit by Valentina Chirico

I’ve stepped into the 70’s mood, popped into a James Bond film with a khaki vintage (naked ops) dress, this long necklace with olive green glass pendants created by amazing Marta Roura Castellò and, last but not least, Viva La Diva Move Me Jungl
e eyeshadow kit...

Featured face make-up: Pupa Like a Doll highlighter in Golden Infusion + Marc Jacobs Beauty Air Blush Soft Glow Duo blush in Flesh and Fantasy #506 Viva la Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit Venezuela
Featured lip make-up: Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cashew
Featured eye make-up: Viva la Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit Tahiti (brow bone, inner corner), Venezuela (center lid), Dominica (outer V), Barbados (outer lower rim) + Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Brown(ie) #43 (tiny wing, lower outer rim) + Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Noir

Valentina Chirico using Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit with 70's mood outfit
Details: vintage khaki dress (thrifted) + Transparent Scultptural Jewelry by Marta Roura Castellò olive green beads long necklace (Fenicia collection)

So what? I’m sure,  
I approve this Viva La Diva palette as I use it every day both for quick daytime and night out looks without touch ups
Can an eyeshadow palette be colourful, daring and, at the same time, neutral and versatile?
It seems so with
Viva La Diva Move Me Jungle eyeshadow kit.
Wanna book a flight to the Caribbean? Maybe...
Super recommended!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens...
psss scroll down for some extras!)

While trying to look sweet... how hard!

Thanks, divas!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Pupa, Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF 30 with Meastim Tech, melanin activator (review) Golden caramel and protected from head to toe with a sunscreen?

Joy to the world for my first day at the beach: my summer 2017 has a new sunscreen with a high and smart protection (read it as multipurpose), that’s Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning with SPF 30 and Melastim Tech, a melanin activator.

You can’t imagine how much time I spent to make my choice, a real hard task! In the end, the shop owner was very happy to see me picking this Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning cream SPF 30.
Choice done not for its super hero name but thanks to its promises and the authority this Italian brand has. I’ve never tried a sun care product by Pupa before, so it was a real discovery for my delicate and pale skin.

Pupa - Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF30, multipurpose sun product made in Italy. Review

Far from being just a make-up company, Pupa has a well-stocked line of sunscreens, self-tanning and after sun products.
Pupa describes its Super Cream Intensive Tanning as “a sun protection product for face, body, lips, hair and scalp. - and continues - Tanned and protected skin. What a great way to soak up the sun!” Am I golden, not crunchy, right now? Let’s find it out!

THE PRODUCT: packaging
Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF 30 is a multi purpose product contained in a big 200ml, bronze tube with a very solid cap.

Formula and texture
Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF 30 is a yellowish cream with a fairly dense consistency. It melts on pleasantly while massaging it so that it’s very moisturising and slightly oily, but not too much. Indeed, my skin absorbs it with ease. 
This sunscreen cream has a light sweet scent.
Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF30 has a multi purpose formula studied to protect and hydrate intensively the skin as it contains sweet almond oil and shea butter, known as nourishing ingredients, Pro-vitamin B5 to soothe the skin and a clinically tested factor, called Melastim Tech, which stimulates melanin production in order to intensify and prolong  the tan.
This Pupa sun cream is dermatologically tested and parabens-free to reduce any risks of allergy, the formula is also water and sweat resistant and “sand repellent.

How to use
This multi purpose sun block can be applied from head to toe 
and works as more products in one. In fact, it can be used as:
a body and face sunscreen (remember to repeat the application after swimming or sweating), 
a lip balm to protect lips from sun, wind and sea salt aggression, 
a scalp balm to shield the skin along your hairline 
an intensive hair mask
Its versatility has attracted me: the promise of a delicate sunblock for face, body and hair has to be caught for sure, but I’ve read later that it isn’t intended to act as a leave-in hair treatment... 

After trying and using it, I can say its fragrance isn’t too sweet or overwhelming and it formula doesn’t glue sand on my body.
However, avoiding the “panko effect” while using a sun body milk or cream is pretty impossible.
Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning protects without irritating the skin but requires more applications, despite it’s a water and sweat resistant product. Applied to the end of your locks, it seems to wrap and shield them against the typical summer dryness and saltiness.
What about the Melastim Tech, the featured melanin activator? I wouldn’t believe in but it’s true: I’ve never had such a long-lasting and caramel tan so far! This Pupa sunscreen really helps skin to tan easily, faster but safer and make it last longer.
My phototype II is a "tan enemy", I hardly tan and I usually go straight from lunar paleness to lobster flush in a few days, then to come back to my original pitiful state in a couple of months.

it hydrates for hours,
it’s delicate both on face and lips,
it’s a multi purpose product,
it protects effectively from UVA rays,
it leaves the skin totally silky (to the touch and sight),
it’s soothing,
it eases and enhances sun tan,
sun tan lasts longer

it’s partial “sweat resistant” and “sand repellent”,
the packaging is too small for the quantity needed,
it’s expensive

Expensive, right: Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning is available in three different solar factors, from SPF 6 to 30; and costs around 20€, but its price varies depending on your country, e-shop and distributor.
I bought my Pupa sunscreen cream on offer at 11€ but I think the regular price is really prohibitive considering it as an all-over-product.

Valentina Chirico testing Pupa - Super Cream Intensive Tanning SPF30, multipurpose sun product made in Italy. Review

I suggest to buy it only if on promotion or used as sun block during sports and other outdoor activities, meaning in small quantities: indeed I use it every day to protect my milky skin when I go biking! 
I’m sure I’m going to keep using it in the morning, but I’ll opt for a cheaper sunscreen for sun bathing.
Despite its price, I recommend Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning because it’s very useful, extremely delicate and versatile, especially for its quick and intensive effect I expected.
Now that you’ve got your sunscreen, are you sure you’ve got the right swimwear? There’s a perfect swimwear for every and each body shape... I’ve chosen a one piece but as a modern monokini.
How much time one needs to become a Brazilian girl?
Slow down, better be careful with the sun: the most important thing is staying safe from head to toe! I’m going to put some more Pupa Super Cream Intensive Tanning...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens 

Monday, 10 July 2017

Summer evening fashion: it's all about fresh dresses

Summer means heat but also festivals and night outs, that’s the season for fresh dresses.
Looking stunning, feeling cool and be ready effortlessly is what prom dresses can do and what Sherry London offers!

For summery outfits, I usually opt for a dress, instead of mixing and matching pieces: when one picks an evening gown, one just needs a clutch and a pair of sandals to save precious time.
Styles are endless but, in my opinion, nothing can beat a vintage prom dress.
Imagine walking in a soft powder pink chiffon dress... everyone will stop and stare at you for a good reason!

For a vintage touch: a powder pink lace prom dress by Sherry London
Shop for this powder pink vintage dress

A nice selection of cheap prom dress is available at Sherry London: here cheap doesn’t mean low in quality but a reasonable price for a customizable dress.
A red prom dress, a black prom dress or a blue prom dress? Lace, silk or chiffon? Plain or encrusted with shiny gems? Here are other personal picks worth a look...

If powder pink is too soft for you, then a red dress is what can exalt your tan!

For tanned girls: a red strapless prom dress by Sherry London
Shop for this red strapless dress

If I run out of inspiration, I look at celebs for a that “light bulb”:
the airy azure gown worn by Giulia Elettra Gorietti at the Venice Film Festival in 2014, a dress with a deep decolletage, is going to emphasise a generous bust but if you’re thinner, you can go for a black “crop top dress.
The crop top styled by Selena Gomez is more suitable for young and daring girls, less formal events.

Steal celebs' style: Giulia Elettra Gorietti's azure chiffon dress
Shop for Giulia Elettra Gorietti's azure dress

Steal celebs' style: for daring girls, Selenza Gomez' crop top dress (available at Sherry London)
Shop for Selena Gomez' crop top dress

Now that you have your dress and shoes ready, you have extra time to complete the look with a flawless make-up and hair do, both known as time-consuming steps.
Still wondering why choosing a prom dress? Prom dresses’ pro (sorry for the pun) is time!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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