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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Matching a posh handmade choker by Transparent Sculptural Jewelry (by Marta Roura Castellò) and cherry make-up

Matching jewels and clothes, moods and colours, is a taste game but not a simple play! 
I can’t absolutely question class and talent when thinking about Marta Roura Castellòthe Spanish architect, designer and goldsmith behind Transparent Scultpural Jewelry.
What's in this choker? I feel study, passion, emotions and inspiration.

Matching a posh handmade choker by Trasparent Sculptural Jewelry (Marta Roura Castellò) and cherry make-up
A posh and handmade choker by Trasparent Sculptural Jewelry (by Marta Roura Castellò)

Marta and I, we never physically met, but it’s like she’s already met me since an immemorial time. During our interview, she explained how she develops her work.
Marta Roura Castellò individually focuses on her clients to create something able to magically fuse with people’s spirit and harmoniously with their silhouettes.
I love the colours that, starting from red, run through this spectrum in many different “direction”.
Marta combined some of them in this suave choker: the marsala red of the silk cord, the deep purple of the crystal teardrop, the shocking pink of the thread tassel and the relaxing lilac of the pendant beads.
She’s also put together materials with different textures and topped it with a precious and elegant reference to the Imperial Rome.

A tiny silver coin reproduction shines in the morning light, which the original one has been minted during the time of a real "optimus princeps"...
Whose, exactly? The photos should offer a clue. 

A posh and handmade choker by Trasparent Sculptural Jewelry (by Marta Roura Castellò)
Handmade choker by Trasparent Sculptural Jewelry (by Marta Roura Castellò) with Trajan coin reproduction
He’s Trajan!

I wore this choker with a lime green sweater and a purple trench.

Then I created a look with one of the shade in this choker and just one versatile make-up product: a black cherry-toned Multistick by Bite Beauty in Cerise I swept onto my lips, blended onto my cheeks and applied to the inner corners of my eyes.

Matching a posh handmade choker by Marta Roura Castellò and cherry make-up with Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cerise Valentina Chirico

Here I've just played with colours, as an amateur or a child, Marta didn’t.
She captured my essence, something I’ve never talked about, I’m sure Marta Roura Castellò owns the exceptional crafting skills and, above all, a sensitivity out of the ordinary...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"Dark Lips" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), February 2017. Beauty box review and polar make-up look

The subscription beauty box craze hit me in the end, indeed I’ve stumbled across the Beautiful Box by Aufeminin and opened my very first box
This is the February 2017 Beautiful Box called “Dark Lips” for a very obvious reason...

Dark Lips, February 2017 BeautifulBox by Aufeminin reviewed by Valentina Chirico

What's the "Beautiful Box" by AuFeminin?

Beautiful Box is a monthly subscription box, a beauty box to be precise (€ 15.95), curated by Aufeminin, beauty site ad community. This box contains skin care and make-up full-size products and some accessories.
The featured products are thematically chosen every month and allow to recreate a particular make-up look with a tutorial sheet.

Dark Lips, February 2017 BeautifulBox by Aufeminin. A beauty subscription box
Dark Lips, February 2017 BeautifulBox by Aufeminin. Packaging details
Dark Lips, February 2017 BeautifulBox by Aufeminin reviewed by Valentina Chirico
Ok, less talk, more make-up. Here's what was inside the February 2017 BeautifulBox by Aufeminin (Dark Lips)...

Inside the “Dark Lips” Beautiful Box, there were some essential cosmetics to adapt the gothic lips winter trend and create a “polar” make-up look, hence the design of the box. 

The February 2017 Beautiful Box contained four beauty products and two extra/accessories:

a Dulcematte matte liquid lipstick by the French brand "Djulicious Cosmetics", in "Beautiful", a shade exclusively created for Aufeminin;
an eye pencil, in black named "Polar Eyes" by "Beautiful" (the make-up brand of the site);
a tube of Nuit Polaire, a revitalising night cream with Boreal algae extracts by Polaar (25ml);
a black cherry nail polish in "Cherry Night" by Beautiful (10ml);
a "Village Candle" small candle and a pair of earrings with pendants

According to Aufeminin, the total value of this box is about 52€. Is it worth it?

Dark Lips, February 2017 BeautifulBox by Aufeminin reviewed by Valentina Chirico

What I think about the Beautiful Box by Aufeminin

I know and I’ve been visiting and engaging with and within the Aufeminin community for a couple of years and, at the news of its beauty box, I’ve taken some time to decide whether to subscribe or not.
February theme and this liquid lipstick attracted me. Liquid lip colours with opaque finish are a real must on Instagram but I had no one in my collection yet. The colour intrigued me and I find it "à la Lorde": an intense, completely matte, violet.

When I opened my box, I’ve been struck by the scent of the Village Candle in "Rose Sauvage" (Wild Rose), luckily it wasn’t a traumatic event.
The candles inside the Beautiful Box were all assorted in fragrance but all had a winter twist, "Rose Sauvage" smells of rose and has some warm notes making it surprisingly pleasant (or acceptable) ...

Those make-up products by “Beautiful” offer some pretty good performances; are cruelty-free and vegan. The last quality wins my doubt about them.
The Cherry Night nail polish dries quite quickly, has an excellent coverage and intense colour, however, it leaves some traces during the removal. It reminds of Avon True Colour in Tweed from the Perfect Reds collection.
The liquid lipstick is still “suspended on the top or flop boundary”.
The Beautiful Dulcematte lipstick leaves me with some doubts: it dries quickly and has a high voltage colour: a Byzantium violet. I love the colour and I think it suits different skin tones with ease. It matches perfectly with my taste and skin colour.
The packaging is sophisticated and the tiny doe foot applicator makes it easy to use. However this "Dulcematte" must be applied with a steady hand because cover or camouflage a stain are hard, plus it tends to crackle and flake...

Nuit Polaire cream by Polaar is a revitalising cream with Boreal algae extract which moisturises and helps oxygenate the skin during the night.
The product is described on the Beautiful Box site as a "hand cream", however, I’ve studied its ingredients list and it seems to be a cream for face and decolletage.
This cream has then a regular 50ml packaging, thus it isn’t clear whether it is a travel size face cream or another product. I don’t like this case, since this subscription box contains only full-sized products.
On face and hands, I noticed the same result: soft, supple skin the morning after. It seems to have an instant brightening effect when used on hands.

The earrings are what I loved the most. They are of good manufacture and material, has a unique design: a pearl stud with a silver star-shaped pendants, perfect for the polar look.

Valentina Chirico's dark lips look with Djulicious Cosmetics Dulcematte in Beautiful

How I created my “polar” make-up look with the “Dark LipsBeautifulBox

Face: Pupa Professional Primer Corrective 02 Green, Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Warm Apricot (corrective primer), Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 30 (Sand), Pupa Active Light light activating perfect skin foundation 010, Pupa Cover cream concealer 004, Avon True Ideal Flawless concealer in Medium, Pupa Like a Doll Nude Skin compact powder in 003; Pupa Lumynis Touch Complextion Highlighter 01, Pupa Extreme Bronze compact bronzing powder 002, Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cerise as blush
Eyes: Pupa Like a Doll Nude Skin compact powder in 003 as eyeshadow, Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon #57 Deja Bleu, Beautiful Polar Eyes eye pencil, essence cosmetics eyebrow stylist set in 01 natural brunette with ZOEVA 322 Brow Line brush, Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara
Lips: Bottega Verde “Aspettando Mezzanotte” lip balm, Djulicious Cosmetics x Beautiful Dulcematte matte liquid lipstick in “Beautiful” 
Nails: Cherry Night nail polish by Beautiful

My final opinion Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (beauty box and service)

I loved the original and extremely refined packaging where even the single, smallest detail is well designed, as well as the selection, combination, quality and variety of products.
I must confess I still have some dilemmas about the overall experience, indeed I would prefer more products from well-known or small brands.

Valentina Chirico's dark lips and "polar eyes" with Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Dèja Bleu 57
I think I must think a bit more about BeautifulBox by Aufeminin (to be continued)

The box can be given as a gift or purchased on a monthly, semi-annual or yearly basis on the websiteThe registration and subscription steps are easy, the payment is faster than the wind; the expedition took around 10 days.
The customer service is friendly and satisfying, even though it took a long time to resolve a shipping problem. It works more quickly via Facebook, I channel I don't like using to solve problems or send important data.
I had a mix up with the January box from which I experienced some unexpected waiting.

I don’t like “bad surprises” or wait, then I think, since I like this box, I will continue my subscription for another month to test better everything.

Meanwhile, I’ve received the new Beautiful Box, a red themed beauty box. March Beautiful Box by Aufeminin is an instant travel to the sensual and flamboyant world of the Moulin Rouge.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Monday, 13 March 2017

My "no make-up" make-up look and new haircut by Basile Centro parrucchieri

Can you notice anything new? Exactly! I've got a new haircut!
All I wanted was an asymmetric lob, then...

Valentina Chirico's "no make-up" make-up look with Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cashew and Macaroon

Goodbye old fox and wild mane, welcome lady hair.
I've got my hair done in my new "city", where I've been pleasantly surprised by the modern atmosphere at Basile Centro...
indeed it's a nice hair and beauty centre in a small sea village called Ascea Marina, Salerno.
I needed something drastic, Mr. Basile styled my hair to fit my wishes and hair structure. The result: soft curls (created simply with hair dryer and brush) and a soft voluminous side fringe.

Valentina Chirico's "no make-up" make-up look

My "no make-up" make-up look:
 Pupa Professional Primer Corrective 02 Green, Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Fatigue Blur in Warm Apricot (corrective primer), Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation in 30 (Sand) and 45 (Miel)Pupa Cover cream concealer 004, Avon True Ideal Flawless concealer in Medium, Pupa Like a Doll Nude Skin compact powder in 003; Pupa Extreme Bronze compact bronzing powder 002, Bite Beauty The Multistick in Macaroon as blush
Eyes: Pupa Like a Doll Nude Skin compact powder in 003 as eyeshadow, essence eyebrow fixing pencilessence eyebrow stylist set in 01 natural brunette style, Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume mascara
Lips: Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cashew

 Valentina Chirico's "no make-up" make-up look and soft lob

The power of a new haircut, hair style and make-up...

Valentina Chirico's "no make-up" make-up look with Bite Beauty The Multistick in Cashew and Macaroon

Your new blogging friend...

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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