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Monday, 20 February 2017

Multimasking: “latest” skin care trend. How to, why and face mask match for combination skin

Multimasking is the skin care trend everyone is talking about, it’s a real fever across the media. The truth? I’m sorry but this isn’t a new hype: using different face masks at once has been already wide spreading in Japan.
It isn’t a new trend but a brilliant idea riding the cosmetic wave. So why is the multimasking worth a try?

Multimasking: “latest” skincare trend. How to and perfect face mask match for combination skin

is a fun skin care idea: applying colourful face masks with different textures looks like playing at little Indians, doesn’t it? Gosh, look how childish I’m in my PJ and patched face!

HOW TO the right "multimasking"

For multimasking, a skin care practice for multitasking women (sorry for the pun), one needs 2 to 3 face and eye masks.
Each face mask must be specifically designed to suit different face zones needs and to contrast skin issues; these products must be chosen based on the season and facial features.
A clay mask to purify, a creamy mask with natural oils and butters to hydrate; a soothing formula to calm; nutrients to fight ageing...
DIY or ready—to-squeeze, the choices and combinations are endless as well as personal.

Multimasking: “latest” skincare trend. How to by Valentina Chirico

Cosmetics companies are jumping for the joy but having more masks with you isn’t needless: even seasonally, our face feels different and have different needs. Those with combination skin have many, all year around!

COMBINATION SKIN? This is a nice face mask combination:

For my T-zone (chin, nose and forehead), I apply a mask with volcanic clay and salicylic acid to purify and clean my pores. My current purifying mask is Avon clearskin Pore Penetrating Black Mineral Mask with minerals, salicylic acid and bentonite I spread with a flat mask brush (Avon Planet Spa).

For my cheeks, the driest and more delicate areas, I choose a hydrating mask with a creamy texture. My current moisturising mask is L’Action Vital Hydration Mud Mask. Despite it contains kaolin, it both moisturises and cleanses. Individual masks are smart choices when it comes to travel and pack light, I love them! 

For my eye area, I simply apply a couple drops of extra virgin olive oil and leave it overnight. 

Multimasking: “latest” skincare trend. How to and face mask combination for combination skin


Since every mask has different drying time, respect the specific instruction and drying time, especially in the case of acid-based masks, in order to avoid nasty irritations and redness.
Next mask? Mhhh maybe a fresh mask by Lush Cosmetics. This is Cupcake... a dessert for the skin!

Lush Cosmetics Cupcake Fresh Mask

Two multimasking sessions per week are enough, I pair them with reading, tv, hot teas...
I’m slightly addicted to Winston Tea green tea and blueberries herbal tea. It smells and tastes delicious.

Multimasking and relaxing

Any plan for the evening? Multimasking rhymes with relaxing!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Anti-Valentine's day manicure with step-by-step tutorial. A goth nail art

My “anti-Valentine’s day” nail art, a gothic manicure, is a wearable idea if you hate this pink and sweet world. I created this manicure for all broken hearted people with a step-by-step tutorial.

Anti-Valentine's day manicure by Valentina Chirico

A black base and bloody red heart glitters, some do-it-yourself broken heart glequins, which remind of blood drops or falling rose petals.
Want to recreate this manicure at home? Here you have all the tools and nail polishes you need and my ready-to-be-pinned or saved tutorial!

“Anti-Valentine’s day” manicure: nail tools and nail polishes

protective base coat
black crème nail polish
heart-shaped glitters or glequins
cutter + cutting mat or scissors + tweezers
nail art wax pencil
clear nail polish or top coat

Anti-Valentine's day manicure with broken heart glitters by Valentina Chirico
Anti-Valentine's day manicure with broken heart glitters by Valentina Chirico

“Anti-Valentine’s day” manicure: step-by-step

1) File your nails, hydrate and push back your cuticles. Then apply one coat of your protective base coat or anti-stain nail product.
I used Avon True Colour Nail Expert Pearl Shine, fortifying treatment, in Sheer Love.
2) Apply two coats of your black crème nail polish, wait for each coat to be completely dry.
I used Yamamay beauty #24 black nail polish.

3) Cut in half a dozen of heart-shaped glitters or glequins with a cutter over a cutting mat or with a pair of scissors and the help of your tweezers.
I moved, thus I haven’t all my nail art “necessaire” with me, thus I opted for my... pocket Swiss Army knife.
It’s a brilliant and small tool. Don’t forget: I’m an archaeologist before being a girl!
4-5) Apply one coat of clear nail polish and, when it’s still fresh, carefully put your “broken hearts” glitters in place along the middle of your nails but offset with the help of a nail art wax pencil.
I used essence the nail gel polish 01 absolute pure and essence eyebrow fixing pencil
Again, I’m an archaeologist, therefore a very practical person.

6) When everything is dry, finish off with two coats of top coat or clear nail polish to smooth, seal, protect and give shine to your manicure.
Once again, I used essence the gel nail polish 01 absolute

Voilà, you’re done! Ready to save and pin my tutorial?
7th step is optional but recommended: apply a brightening hand cream.
Indeed, this gothic nail art is stunning, more explosive, over a bright and clear complexion.
I massaged Helan Muschio Bianco crema mani luminosa, White Musk brightening hand cream: it really instantly brightens and minimises any redness.

Anti-Valentine's day manicure, pinnable step-by-step tutorial by Valentina Chirico
Anti-Valentine's day manicure, gothic nail art idea with broken heart glitters by Valentina Chirico

The longest part is cutting our glitters but this “anti-Valentine’s daymanicure doesn’t go unnoticed! Have you seen how my glitters sparkle when I move my fingers on Snapchat (valenschirico)?
Bling bling, my lonely hearts!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Lush - Ladybird/Ladybug, bubble bar, review (+ curious Valentine's day limited edition bath products worth to be seen)

What can be sweet and romantic on Valentine's Day for single people
A bubbly splash in the tub with Labybird (Ladybug) or another sugary new bath product by Lush Cosmetics.

Labybird, called Ladybug in the US, is a Lush bubble bar, a solid soap that can be crumbled under warm running water.
I usually match a bubble bar with my current creamy bath foam, that’s to say: I use a bubble bar simply for its bubble cloud, colour and scent. 
Lush fans all over the world go even further and run free on creativity: they mix and match portions of Lush bubble bars, bath bombs, drops of shower gels, a bit of bath melt and share their magic potions online.

Lush Cosmetics Ladybird/Ladybug, cruelty-free and vegan bubble bar, review by Valentina Chirico

Back to Ladybird...

THE PRODUCT: packaging and scent
Zero packaging, all product! This bubble bar comes in the shape of a gigantic purple and red ladybug and it’s bigger than the palm of my hand!
It’s so big that can be divided into two or three parts, that are two or three baths, and it easily crumbles and bubbles. 

What’s the most striking feature, what remains impressed in my mind, is Ladybird’s scent: sweet, floral and fresh. It’s such an energising and particular mix that’s vaguely reminiscent of energy drinks.
Its scent is floral and minty, it pinches my nose. It’s secret is geranium and peppermint oils...
It tinges the water of an orange-y red shade and creates enough bubbles, it leaves the skin soft but not for a long time.

it can be portioned and used for more baths,
it’s cruelty-free

overwhelming scent,
It has a high price (outside the UK)

Lush Cosmetics Ladybird/Ladybug, bubble bar, review by Valentina Chirico

I think Ladybird is fun and I love immersing myself in that colourful waters but its scent isn’t my cup of tea.
I’m not a romantic girl and I prefer other kinds of scents: sweet but warm, totally spicy or fruity (if particular). I’m open to experiments and to start “sensory adventures” in unusual combinations of note like those of Lord of Misrule shower cream (Vanilla+Patchouli+Black Pepper) and Don’t Rain On My Parade shower gel (Vanilla+Violet+Ylang Ylang+Sandalwood), but floral and sweet olfactory notes aren’t for me.

Ladybird/Ladybug is a limited edition bubble bar and is now available online and Lush shops worldwide. Prices vary depending on your country: it costs 3.95£ in the UK, 6.95$ in the US, 5,95€ circa in Europe.

If I could go to the closest Lush shop I would go to know some Valentine’s day specials. Not for necessities but for a pure matter of curiosity: Kiss Me Quick, a paper soap like Asian ones, and the luxury bath melt Two Hearts Beating As One for its creative shape (Valentine's day special bath and body products for US and the UK).

Lush Cosmetics' 2017 Valentine's day limited edition curious bath products

I had two ladybugs, I gave one away to my work pal... I love giving something that can bring happiness and a smile, don't you?
Ladybird... would I recommend it? Sincerely, it depends on you: I find it pricey and I’d suggest to personally take a sniff to discover your "own 
compatibility with Miss Ladybird". 

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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