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Wednesday, 26 April 2017

"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review and sweet make-up look

Welcome to Candyland ou "Le pays des bonbons"! The Macaron Gloss Saga, this month’s BeautifulBox by Alfemminile/Aufeminin, isn't just a beauty box since I’ve found so many sweet things! Honestly, I appreciate the cosmetics...

"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review by Valentina Chirico
"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review by Valentina Chirico

This month’s BeautifulBox by Alfemminile/Aufeminin is all about sweet things as its name, Macaron Gloss Saga, and the bonbons pink designs suggest.Opening this box is much likely as walk into a Parisian pâtisserie with its vanilla fragrance and voluptuous atmosphere.

"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review by Valentina Chirico
"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review by Valentina Chirico

At 15,95€
, the Macaron Gloss Saga BeautifulBox offers:

a moisturising and protective Palmer’s lip balm with SPF 15, cocoa butter and vitamin E,a BEUP nail polish in "Raspberry Therapy",
an essence the gel nail polish in "04 Our Sweetest Day",
the brand new L’Oreal Rare Flower make-up remover cream for dry and sensitive skin,
and two macaroons, two make-up products by Beautiful (the box brand), a vanilla scented lip balm "Kiss Me Butter" and "My Cheek Crush" highlighting pearls.
The sweetness of the box were a solitary Lindor Lindt and two Haribo gelée bags (Takada and Tutti Candi).

"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review by Valentina Chirico
"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review by Valentina Chirico

From my quick journey to the little "Le Pays de Bonbons" pastry shop I found that:
Palmer's cocoa butter lip balm hydrates for hours and, thanks to all that cocoa, smell like a white chocolate block (Galak by Nestlé, for example); the Raspberry Therapy BEUP nail polish surprises me for its intense and shiny colour. It has been my first nail polish and product so far but it won my doubts! 
L'Oreal's makeup remover cream is a new launch and it really fulfils its purposes as it’s able to dissolve any type of make-up without irritating my skin.
essence has always surprised me for its economical but long-lasting gel nail polishes, but 04 Our Sweetest Day requires too many applications and dries incredibly slowly.
It reminds of sugar crystals, so I’m going to recycle it as a shimmery top coat.

Beautiful make-up items are both a top and a flop: the My Cheek Crush highlighting pearls have a strong and artificial scent but their finish is impalpable and can be safely used to create light points on the whole face, including eyes; Kiss Me Butter  lip balm(presented as a gloss) has a delicious scent but it’s extremely hard to apply and, even it melts with body heat, it’s way too dense.
I could save them because they are cruelty-free.


Since my subscription to the BeautifulBox by Alfemminile/Aufeminin last January, it’s the first time I haven't experienced problems with the service or product. This is the reason why, out of 4 BeautifulBoxes arrived so far, I’ve just reviewed two of them on time.
With the April BeautifulBox, the delivery service was impeccable and the featured products perfect, with some great discoveries. However, I have to point out that the Haribo candies were samples.

The price of the box has been largely exceeded by the quality of the pieces; my expectations satisfied.
Among the make-up and skin care products found inside the Macaron Gloss Saga BeautifulBox by Alfemminile/Aufeminin, I use L'Oreal make-up remover cream and Palmer’s lip balm every day, but I dislike if not hate essence nail polish.
What about the bonbons? I made someone happy...
What about the box? You can grab and taste your sweet BeautifulBox by Alfemminile/Aufeminin online.

Valentina Chirico's sweet make-up with Macaron Gloss Saga picks and outfit detail with handmade hairclip by Republic of Pigtails, Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in Pink of Me

All these sweet goodies made me want to wear everything pastel and soft: a multicolour H&M sweater with metallic threads, a Republic of Pigtails Mint Mia hairclip-bow, a cotton candy pink eyeliner smudged starting from my inner corners, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon in 59 Pink of Me. A double accent nail manicure with my new entries from the Macaron Gloss Saga box and the Beautiful make-ups complete the look (Palmer’s cocoa lip balm helped a lot).

"Macaron Gloss Saga" Beautiful Box by Aufeminin (Alfemminile), April 2017. Beauty box review and sweet make-up look with Marc Jacobs newest Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon by Valentina Chirico

Valentine greets you from her petite pâtisserie ... À bientôt!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Daytox by Douglas: detox and hydration for the whole body. Hydrating H Serum, Daily Hydration face cream and Clay Mask review and result

Douglas, famous German beauty retailer, came to help us with its own skin care program called "Daytox", a total skin care regimen for face and body.
It’s an interesting launch because hydration and deep cleansing are some of the special needs felt by combination skin every day, all year around...
But what’s "Daytox" by Douglas exactly?

Daytox by Douglas: detox and hydration for the whole body. Hydrating H Serum, Daily Hydration face cream and Clay Mask review and result

Daytox is a range of skincare products for face and body developed by Douglas perfumeries.
"Daytox" isn’t tested on animals; all its products are vegan and bio-based with officinal plants extracts, detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients, therefore, anti-aging.
These face and body products are totally free of synthetic fragrances and dyes, silicones, mineral oils, paraffin and parabens: a very delicate formula. If your skin reddens with ease, then you might start enjoying a new idea for your skin care habits (and jumping for the joy)...

Daytox by Douglas: detox and hydration for the whole body. Hydrating H Serum, Daily Hydration face cream and Clay Mask

"Daytox" by Douglas' motto is “Beauty in Balance”.
When the season changes, my skin care routine sensibly varies, so I introduced some new products from Douglas’ "Daytox" program: the Daily Hydration anti-age face cream, the Hydrating H Serum and the Clay Mask.
After about three weeks of treatment, my face and I are ready to tell you everything!

In these weeks my skin care regimen has followed the following steps:
- facial cleansing, morning and evening, with a foamy purifying face wash with apple extracts (Acaci Special Apple Fruits Cleansing)
- morning and evening application on the Daytox Hydrating H Serum on my face with circular motions and along the neck;
- application of the Daytox Daily Hydration, both in the morning and before going to sleep, on the whole face (and neck) as moisturiser and base for primers and tinted products;
- two sessions per week of the Daytox Clay Mask.

The first product from the Daytox Starter kit is the Hydrating H Serum, an antioxidant serum with hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5 and a bioflavonoid-rich base with aloe vera and brassica oleracea italic extracts... that is broccoli! What a weird ingredient for a skin care product, right?
This serum is an anti-aging treatment and aims to reduce any redness and to improve skin texture. It’s a fragrance-free product resulting in an odourless fluid with a smooth consistency.
Fortunately, this serum isn’t greasy nor sticky and it dries quickly by leaving the impression of disappearing as it gets rapidly absorbed into the top layer of the skin.
Said this, the Daytox Hydrating H Serum leaves a pleasant sensation of cleanness and softness. Just a couple of drops are necessary for face and neck and the dropper applicator makes the job very easy.

Daytox by Douglas: Hydrating H Serumreview and results

Right after, I apply Daily Hydration on damped skin: in my opinion, this combination and way of application are more effective and long lasting. 
Daily Hydration is the third step in my spring detox skin care routine: an antioxidant moisturiser made up of shea butter and amaranth oil with bioflavonoid mix of macadamia and soybean oils, aloe vera and broccoli extracts.

I know how weird and funny a broccoli face cream may sound but, believe it or not, each vegetable has a hidden power!
Daytox Daily Hydration by Douglas should be applied both in the morning and the evening and it promises to rehydrate, rejuvenate the skin and reducing fine lines by fighting free radicals. It’s suitable for all skin types.
The Daily Hydration has a creamy but smooth texture, it’s easy to spread and gets quickly absorbed. It isn’t greasy and it doesn’t clog my pores. It has a very delicate floral scent that is sophisticated and unusual.
This face cream by Douglas leaves my skin velvety smooth, supple and elastic, but it isn’t enough for my under eye area which remains always drier and tighter, it needs more attentions.

Two pampering sessions per week with Daytox Clay Mask conclude this short regimen. Daytox Clay Mask by Douglas, as the minimal name tells, is a kaolin face mask with a detoxifying complex called BioDtox (bioflavonoid, broccoli extracts and aloe), amaranth and meadowfoam oils.
This clay mask has a peculiar consistency: foamy with some microscopic specks, mauve-y in colour and with a light scent reminiscent of cereals.
It’s easy to spread and dries in about ten minutes. Once rinsed off with warm water, my skin feels and is thoroughly cleansed, supple and soft all at the same time. Although delicate, I keep trying a slight tingling sensation on my cheeks, the driest and most sensitive areas of my face.
Hopefully, this sensation fades away without redness. It’s rare to find a face mask that is purifying and relaxing and that doesn’t dehydrate my skin.

Daytox by Douglas: Daily Hydration face cream and Clay Mask review and result
Daytox by Douglas: Clay Mask review and results by Valentina Chirico

These three Daytox products left my skin smoother and supple with an improved texture and skin tone
, no redness seen so far.
Fine lines around the eye area haven’t improved at all, while a slight peeling occurred after changing my night cream for a few consecutive nights.

Daytox by Douglas: detox skincare reviewed by Valentina Chirico
Fresh face, no primers no make-up
Daytox detox and antiage skincare program by Douglas: before and after

Do I recommend Daytox program by Douglas perfumeries?

Daytox products' quality is excellent and the delicacy of the formulas convinced me. I find the concept of a detox and moisturising program for the whole body great, as well as promising.
I recommend the Clay Mask as a moment of pause and intense cleansing, and the Hydrating H Serum.
Attention, please: Daytox Hydrating H Serum by Douglas tends to end too quickly, while the Daily Hydration is very pleasant to use, but should be followed by with a specific cream for the eye area and powered with an spf protection.

Daytox by Douglas: detox and hydration for the whole body. Hydrating H Serum, Daily Hydration face cream and Clay Mask review and result
Daytox by Douglas: Hydrating H Serum, Daily Hydration face cream and Clay Mask reviewed by Valentina Chirico
Put some flowers in your hair and Daytox on your face. Can you believe I wear no foundation at all? Seriously!

The Hydrating H Serum
(24,99€x30ml), the Daily Hydration anti-age face cream (24,99x50ml) and the Clay Mask (19,99€x100ml) are available along with the whole Daytox by Douglas and a handy starter kit online and through Douglas perfumeries.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Lush Cosmetics, Easter products and fair-trade cocoa butter, an ethical journey

Easter is one of the sweetest holidays of the year, but the one proposed by the UK beauty company Lush Cosmetics can be even sweeter. Lush Easter is ethical, as well as colourful and fragrant.
Lush Cosmetics' secret for such a goodness is a very rich raw material: fair-trade cocoa butter.

Charity Pots, Lush Cosmetics super hydrating hand and body cream with fair-trade cocoa butterLush Cosmetics, Easter products and fair-trade cocoa butter

The cocoa butter, the fondant heart found in many Lush products, has been wisely selected by the British brand in order to support local communities in those areas at poverty and war risk.
This good raw material comes from the Comunidad de Paz de San José de Apartadó in Colombia, a fierce community of little farmers who chose a non-violence way of life in the climate of continuous clashes among the country army, the right-wing paramilitary groups and guerrillas, and from FUNDOPO and CONACADO associations, two foundations gathering small cocoa butter farmers in the Dominican Republic.
For Dominican farmers selling their products, cultivated with simple techniques individually and organically, at a fair price is a hard task. These two associations allow farmers to reinvest the solidarity awards within their communities by improving the quality of their life, supporting their cultivations and activities.

This cocoa butter is valuable to the Colombian and Dominican communities, as well as great for our skin. The butter from cocoa beans has a high moisturising and softening effects, and it’s the secret of the self-preservation power of some Lush products (but this is another story!).

Flakes of pure fair-trade cocoa butter

Charity Pot, super-hydrating body cream with vanilla notes, whose proceeds go from time to time to non-profit associations; Pearl and Peace massage oil bars, Over and Over bath bomb; the Easter brand new Scrubee, a honey moisturising scrub, and Golden Idea, half bath melt half bath bomb, a hydrating nugget completely covered in gold dust.

Golden Idea, Lush Cosmetics Easter bath bomb melt with fair-trade cocoa butter
Over and Over, Lush Cosmetics bath bomb melt with fair-trade cocoa butterLush Cosmetics, Easter limited edition products and fair-trade cocoa butter
Pearl, Lush Cosmetics massage oil bar with fair-trade cocoa butter

Why is Lush Cosmetics’ choice so important? Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao) is common in the food and cosmetic industries but is very long and expensive to produce, thus it’s a tempting ingredient giving way to land and labour overexploitation.

Scrubee, Lush Cosmetics hydrating body scrub with fair-trade cocoa butter

If you want to taste Lush Cosmetics “chocolicious” products and Easter bath and body limited editions without being and feeling guilty, visit the closest Lush shop or surf your local Lush Cosmetics site
Easter and its delicacies are tastier and more ethical if the cocoa butter comes from a fair-trade production!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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