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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

The perfect perfume for your new design watch: 3 style combinations

The new season suggests a fashion renewal: it's the moment for a new watch to be shown off with your sun-kissed skin! 
I've got a great idea: finding the perfect perfume to go with your new watch and here are my top three designers' watches as a sort of inspiration...

Minimal look for a timeless style with this sleek Calvin Klein watch: its simple white strap and rose gold case go perfectly together with Truth.
Truth, the eau de Parfum by Calvin Klein, is an equally elegant fragrance with fresh grass notes (bamboo and peony) balanced by warm sandalwood and amber.

How to match the perfect perfume for your new design watch by Valentina Chirico

The Guess combination is sensually strong with that fuchsia and silver watch recalling Guess Woman eau de Parfum bottle, a fresh and fruity scent with mandarin, red apple, peach and red fruit notes warmed up by amber, cedarwood and a musky touch. Young as that lively strap. 

Adidas has always been synonymous with dynamisms and joie de vivre
This white watch with rainbow logo is as explosive as Fizzy Energy, a fruity and sparkling eau de toilette by Adidas with exotic and juicy notes of pineapple, red apple, grapefruit and papaya.
This watch, 
the ADH2916, is a unisex model so that in this case I can't forget to name my go-to unisex scent: the zesty CK One by Calvin Klein... a 90's and also very eco-friendly choice!
My favourite combination? Adidas stole my heart! 
Do you like my idea? If you're currently in Italy and love to get your perfect match, you can enjoy some unbeatable offers on watches and perfumes at!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Monday, 19 June 2017

Lush Cosmetics - Charity Pot, charitable and hydrating hand and body lotion, review

This is a hand and body lotion that’s good for our skin and our community: it’s the famous Lush CosmeticsCharity Pot
I’ve stumbled upon the Charity Pot as often happens to me: thanks to my pure curiosity and my constant research for satisfactory moisturising body products.

Lush Cosmetics - Charity Pot, charitable and hydrating body lotion, review

THE PRODUCT: packaging
The Charity Pot is one of Lush Cosmetics’ bath and body products based on fair- trade cocoa butter and is a moisturising, as well as vegan and cruelty-free, body and hands lotion, now with self-preservative formula. 
Available in three sizes, travel, 45 and 240 grammes, the Charity Pot is contained in Lush’s iconic black recycled jars, because being "green" has never been that convenient!
Indeed by "collecting" 5 empty black jars and bringing them back (clean, don't forget this!) to the shop, you can get a fresh face mask for free.

Lush Cosmetics - Charity Pot, charitable and hydrating body lotion, review

Formula and texture:
Natural oils and butter make Charity Pot a relief for very dehydrated skin: olive, jojoba and moringa oils boosted by fair-trade cocoa and shea butter.
With my great surprise, I found that Charity Pot turns into a wonder for sensitive skin and in the case 
of early summer sunburns, thanks to the soothing power of the fresh aloe gel.
Lush Cosmetics Charity Pot is a yellow cream with a fairly dense consistency if compared to the oilier Dream Cream, and it melts delicately with body heat.
It isn’t extremely greasy and gets well absorbed by the skin while it still allows a pleasant massage.
The result is a soft, smooth and very elastic skin that finds a nice healthy glow.

Charity Pot's olfactory base, which is buttery and sweet with cocoa and vanilla, remained partially after its reformulation: it lost its intense vanilla pastry cream fragrance that was literally able to “wrap” you at the first sniff and application.
The new Charity Pot with self-preservative formula has a peculiar scent with mixed flowery notes of geranium and ylang ylang that drifts into warm and sweet notes of rosewood oil and vanillaGood but unusual, I dare say "old lady" scent.

Lush Cosmetics - Charity Pot, charitable and hydrating body lotion, review

A special detail in Charity Pot's packaging is its coloured stickers, each jar has a label representing one of the organisations supported by Lush Cosmetics with the sale of these body lotions.Buying a Charity Pot means giving your personal help to charity.
Lush Cosmetics supports a variety of carefully selected, globally and locally-based non-profit organisations. These ONLUS groups are active in raising awareness on social issues, protecting endangered animal species and the environment, supporting local communities and groups of people with physical disabilities or in economic distress.

Lush shops can host a "Charity Party", often on weekends, dedicated to fundraising and information with meetings with the volunteers.
Volunteers state the "mission" of their charity, while Lush staff illustrates the star of the day: the Charity Pot.
During my last Neapolitan stop, I joined a “Charity Party” for Survival International and, despite the little time I had, I was able to meet a sweet volunteer and help this onlus which supports and legally protects indigenous communities around the globe.

Lush Cosmetics - Charity Pot, charitable and hydrating body lotion, review

If taxes go to the state, the remaining from Charity Pots sales goes as full donations, while we get a cream I’m going to sum up...

it hydrates,
restores skin elasticity and gives glows,
calms irritated skin,
it has a gentle formula,
it isn’t overly greasy,
it’s cruelty-free

unhandy packaging

Good action, good cream? No doubts, Charity Pot is a very good moisturiser, but the new perfume isn’t as pleasant as the previous one. Charity Pot’s jars aren’t practical while travelling, although soothing, it doesn’t release that freshness feeling everyone is looking for in summer.
Where and how to buy Charity Pot?
Charity Pots are available in every Lush Cosmetics shops and online with variable prices depending on countries and selected size. It costs $7.95 (45 gr.) and $27.95 (240 gr.) in the US, respectively £3.50 - £13.50 in the UK.
Lush Cosmetics - Charity Pot, charitable and hydrating body lotion, review

My final though? Do I recommend Lush Cosmetics’ Charity Pots?
Partially recommended because Charity Pot’s price is relatively high for a daily hydrating body lotion.
However, since the results are satisfactory and fundraising can justify its economic value, I suggest trying it out in the shop to decide and get a personal taste of its uncommon scent or join in a Charity Party to help a non-profit organisation of your choice.
Sorry, despite I like the after-feel and glow, I think I'm going to try a new body cream once my Charity Pot’s over.
Honestly, I loved the old vanilla scent and I'm sure somebody would have “eat me” in one huge bite!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Friday, 9 June 2017

Sporty outfit made creative with ToSave and... animalier shoes!

What about a no-stress, sporty look that’s so comfortable to be perfect even at home while housecleaning?
Yes, but with some unexpected feminine touches like a pair of leopard shoes and a luminous make-up, and at a reasonable price as the brand says, ToSave!

Sporty outfit made creative with ToSave

I’ve recently gone sporty with an easy outfit because, hopefully, I have no strict dress codes at work. This means I can space among different styles and have pure fun with chromatic combinations and accessory pairings.
This outfit features some basic pieces as a ToSave grey asymmetric zipped sweater with a soft hoodie-like neck and a pair of black comfy treggings (Pimkie).
Ah, "treggings"... is that possible?
Fashion always creates something new, mainly an oddity, to be sold in stores!

My exceptional photographer is Gessica, a colleague of mine: she is a leggy psychologist; she taught me and let me test how the surroundings affect us, poor humans.
A sporty outfit in a Greek neo-theatre translates into movement and freedom, freedom of movement!

This ToSave asymmetrical grey sweater
 and a pair of black Pimkie treggings invite to jostle with joy, especially if your feet wear some funky Blue Motion leopard trainers. Who would wear faux fur every day? Me, of course...

The tip to energise this casual look is something girly! The trick?
A raspberry scented nail polish like BEUP Raspberry Therapy and pink peachy lips, a hue made by mixing these two Touch In Sol One Second Vivid Lip Crayon in #4 and #3.To complete the look, one needs a naturally bright make-up: here’s a soft peach flush with Marc Jacobs Beauty Airblush Soft Glow Duo 502 in Lines and Last Lines that’s exactly the natural blush after a run and an impalpable powder...

Sporty outfit made creative with Tosave

The wild of the natural returns with a metallic kaki touch over my lids with Ecuador, a shade from the Move Me Jungle Viva La Diva eyeshadow palette.
I jump, roar and laugh at the theatre of the Alario Foundation Center.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

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