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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Sailor Moon make-up, Miracle Romance by Creer Beauté is now in Naples!

I’ve got a great news for all anime and Asian cosmetic lovers stopping in Naples: Alastor Napoli had brought something peculiar in its shop, that's the magical Miracle Romance make-up line by Creer Beauté.
If these names are totally new, Sailor Moon will be much more familiar, for sure.

Creer Beauté is a cosmetic company held by Bandai, which transports the fantastic anime and manga world into make-up products: the Miracle Romance range is inspired by Sailor Moon with eyeliners, eye pencils and lip balms shaped like the Sailor super girls’ scepters and powder compacts contained in gleaming caskets; La Rose of Versailles proposes the elegance and sensuality of the French court, we all dreamt about while watching Lady Oscar’s story, with face masks, eye make-up, false eyelashes included, lipglosses... the list would continue with its collections inspired by sexy princess Lum’s manga and anime Urusei Yatsura, the Evangelion scents, hair wax à la Goku from Dragon Ball Z...

Sailor Moon gadgets and make-up, Miracle Romance by Creer Beauté now at Alastor Napoli comic shop

Does it sound great?
At a first glance, these products by Creer Beauté would seem just like colourful toys, instead, they’re real make-up with a very nice, detailed and shiny packages like the scepters of our childhood heroines.
Halfway between cosmetics and collectibles, Creer Beauté make-up is something to treasure and collect!

Miracle Romance make-up by Creer Beauté inspired by Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon make-up, Miracle Romance by Creer Beauté now at Alastor Napoli comic shop

Creer Beauté can be found on the net, but one has to wait a lot and even to pay extra duties and taxes if one buys online. Sad but true.
The champion of the justice stops in Naples with some moon magics, in fact, eyeliners and face compact powders are now available at the store along with other quirky Sailor Moon gadgets.
Thanks to Alastor Naples city center is a bit more magical and Japanese, I know it’s going to become even more in the coming months!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Indie creations: KAMIDO, following the paper path with Martina Sacchini for delicate origami and very personal handmade jewellery

I came across Martina one day by chance on Facebook, while jumping from one Italian handmade accessory page to another one, then I stopped and stepped into "her house", at KAMIDO, thanks to the wonder and familiarity I felt.
The name is Japanese, that’s what attracted me at first; there I was greeted by many photos of colorful origami, happy 
necklaces, and funny brooches.
I stayed there for a while, then I met Martina again on the net and we became blogging pals.

I couldn’t leave her without asking for an interview, so I had the pleasure to know KAMIDO the artisan and Martina, the girl, much better.
Let's take a matcha together and let me present her...

Indie creations: KAMIDO, origami and personal jewellery. Birth celebrative polyshrink handmade bracelet

How and when was "KAMIDO" born?
I can’t say exactly when KAMIDO was born because basically, it’s a project that has always belonged to me? Since I was a little girl, this “artistic vein” has grown up. The official initiation happened in August 2015, but I’ve been devoting the biggest part of my time working with paper some months before.
All has started from paper as my name can suggest. I’ve decided to call myself KAMIDO by joining two Japanese words, kami: paper and do: way, a road showing my physical and emotional path.
When this adventure started I haven’t clear in mind what I would do or where it would take me. All has started as a game, just for fun to see if what I was creating in my spare time could actually like to others.
I’ve been very lucky in my way since I met a true friend who took me under her protective wing, with whom I work on different projects and to which I won’t say “thank you” enough for all her advice and comprehension.

Could you tell us something about your background? Where are you from? 
I was born and raised in Rome, last year I graduated in Oriental languages and cultures, in Japanese language to be precise, then I’ve taken the qualification to teach Italian to foreign students. During these years of studies, I’ve always tried to reserve some creativity moments for me to clear my mind from thoughts and focalize me on something purely beautiful.
Japanese culture has brought me to the origami world, little masterpieces born from simple paper sheets, so delicate and ephemeral.
One has to take care while creating them and equal care to preserve them as anything with a real value.

What's your goal? 
My goal is trying to grow while at the same time keeping in mind what really matters in life. Thinking about what the future could be, scares me, so I’m dedicating myself in carrying on some work in progress projects, doing always my best.
I must thanks a lot of people, both the closest and the far ones, for all the beautiful things happening to me right now.
They’re just physically far because these people are supporting myself and they’re the first in believing in my capabilities and me.

origami and personal jewellery. Handmade painted wood necklace
 origami and personal jewellery. Origami cat bookmark
origami and personal jewellery. Handmade origami pinwheels
origami and personal jewellery. Handmade polyshrink adjustable rings

How do you imagine your typical customer? 
I imagine my typical customer as a young woman who appreciates the beauty of life, a woman with a sophisticated taste for fashion, someone to I can share my “creativity flashes”.
I speak to all those mothers who, may not have enough spare time but don’t renounce a great taste for accessories or home and party decorations.

What inspires you the most?
I find my inspiration in everything I see every single day, small things grabbing my attention and turning on a light bulb upon my head.
The journey starts spontaneously; I always say that there are some days when I feel “inspired” and able to do everything. These great days are almost always sunny days fortunately, the sun is always present in Rome.

Do you have an inspiring place, where do you create or sketch the product?
I create all my pieces on my heavy wooden table in my living room, with my leather couch observing me while I work, that’s the safer place where I let my fantasy running free.

Do you have a project for the near future?
In my next future, I plan to pursue my “creative” experience and continue with all my ongoing collaborations. I want to make my brooch, necklace and home decor shop, grow even more, keep studying and improving my skills in digital graphics and illustrations. 
But most of all, I want to continue writing and recording video tutorials and DIYs along with a group of people I’m finding out to be wonderful people as well as fabulous artists.

origami and personal jewellery. Handmade and customizable polyshrink logo brooch
origami and personal jewellery. Handmade polyshrink pirate brooch

Her fairy and delicate hands create small wonders that put me a smile, greeting cards shaped, not by chance, like kokeshi dolls, or colourful wooden and polymer clay necklaces.
In her creations, I feel the touch coming from the Rising Sun country, and it isn't just for the paper folding technique she loves... 
When I visit KAMIDO, I imagine myself catapulted in an orderly Japanese high school while doodling on a piece of paper, my classmate gently "steals" it and turns this "thrown away idea" into something wonderful.
Martina really turns dreams into reality, a wearable idea.

Valentina Chirico aka Valens

Friday, 14 October 2016

Mother of the bride: a wedding style guide for the perfect ceremony outfit

The wedding day is a special moment for every and each brides’ mother too and choosing the right ceremony dress is hard: if the bride is a princess, her mother has to be perfect, perfectly comfortable and never win her daughter in beauty.
It’s a tricky mission but by following these easy golden rules, she will always be stylish and elegant... click the picture to see my style guide, continue reading to discover the “perfect Mother of the Bride outfit” with do’s and 
don’ts to keep in mind with my pinnable chart.

Mother of the bride: a wedding style guide for the perfect ceremony outfit

The golden rules every mother should follow are a few and basic:

- avoid, as all the other guests, light colours such as white, bride’s exclusive choice, off-white, ivory, champagne and beige; darker shades like black, which is considered too formal;
- opt for an outfit like a tailleur with top and jacket, otherwise gowns and shift dresses with a stole, which must be worn outdoor and inside churches, chapels and other religious places;
- choose medium-height shoes (max 7 cm) in order not to exceed your daughter in pictures and to avoid annoying pain;
- prefer solid colours for your garments and clothes;
- wear gloves and hats just in case they’re close to your personal style. Wearing them is purely optional;
- avoid high heels, platforms and sandals;
- don’t mix and match decorative motifs;
- don’t overdo with bold and bright accessories and pieces of jewellery;
- don’t show off an excessive décolletage or daring lace panels and transparencies without proper underwear and camouflage.

Mother of the bride: a wedding style guide with the golden rules, do's and don'ts by Valentina Chirico

Dear mothers, the wedding day is one of those unforgettable days in your daughter's life but you will look stunning in every picture by following these rules as well as being flawless: the perfect mother of the bride!

Valentina Chirico aka Valens
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